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Handlungsfeld 5: Anerkennungskultur in und für Citizen-Science

3. Mitwirkung der Bürgerforscher:innen in Forschungsprozessen stärker sichtbar machen

9. Andere Handlungsempfehlung (bitte unten im Freitext Feld formulieren)

The formal recognition of citizens' work in journals is an important step to acknowledge their contributions to science. Journals currently have very few mechanisms to support this and this adds to the perspective that citizens' work is inferior or should not be counted. It would be great to see, for example, a line underneath the authors list that could expand and provide a full list of the citizen scientists who are happy to be acknowledged. This might help legitimise citizen science for the broader science community and to demonstrate to the citizen scientists that their work is essential and necessary for this research.